First-class legal representation through resolute negotiation and creative approaches to problem-solving.

We see the opportunities and the risks, and we are in position to help clients through them.
We bring our practice to bear on an array of industries, including film, television, new media, music, sports/esports, theater, publishing, and advertising. Our clients include media, entertainment and content companies of all types, as well as individual artists and creators.

Ready to enforce our clients’ rights in the courtroom.
We fight for our clients, so they can do what they do best: innovate and create. To protect their work, we litigate intellectual property disputes, infringement claims, complex contractual disputes (including those related to profit participation, royalties, licensing and financing).

Helping clients take the next step.
We utilize industry experience and long-standing connections to achieve success for our clients. We provide legal resources and knowledge that go beyond the realm of entertainment, music and sports law, providing discreet advice to clients on a variety of legal issues.

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