Through seamless collaboration across practice groups, we provide exceptional, multidisciplinary client service with a deep understanding of the legal landscape and our clients’ needs.


Corporate transactions are a core feature of the modern commercial world. We advise our clients on a wide spectrum of transactions across industries and deal size. From creating rock-solid agreements that protect you from liability to helping you take on investors without losing your path, we pride ourselves on thoughtfulness and creativity on complex transactions.

Our team makes a point to keep up with our clients’ exciting endeavors and to learn the ins and outs of each unique company. Our greater understanding of each business, in turn, considerably enhances our ability to help on transactional and litigation matters. Many of our clients look to us for sound legal and business judgment on their most sensitive matters, so we strive to blur the usual lines separating law firms from in-house counsel.

We represent clients across the spectrum of industries and technologies, including established and emerging companies. Our role ranges across all aspects of the structuring, negotiating and documenting of complex transactions. We have experience in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments, corporate law and corporate governance.


We represent and advise our clients in a wide variety of individual and commercial disputes. We seek to win, and not just escape defeat – so our clients trust us to try their most significant disputes.

When things get to the point that you need a lawyer, you can turn to us. Our litigators are experienced in evaluating actual and potential cases at their earliest stages, to first determine if litigation can be avoided, or whether the matter can be resolved quickly and economically. Litigation can be costly and time-consuming, so we strive to handle litigation as efficiently as possible. For large cases, we can bring all necessary resources to bear, but for smaller matters, we believe in lean staffing and small teams with the right knowledge and experience. Our litigators do not think just as lawyers, but also as business men and women.

We conduct litigation in full and close consultation with our clients and ensure our case management support is buoyed by technology to enhance our practice of the law and reduce the cost of litigation.

We are here to help.

We work with companies and individuals who have big goals or complex matters. Reach out to us and let’s discuss legal solutions.

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